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Powering Long-Duration Energy Storage: Creating Capacity for a Flexible Energy Future | HALF-DAY WORKSHOP

Jan 16 2024

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM PT

Room 29 BCD

Additional registration required ($) for workshops held on Tuesday January 16th.

While energy storage systems with durations of around four hours have been a critical tool for the increasingly rapid decarbonization of the electric sector, there is increasing awareness that long-duration energy storage systems will be required to fully achieve a zero-carbon grid. In this workshop, leading industry experts will come together to discuss with attendees the growing array of long-duration energy storage (LDES) alternatives and their applications, the policies and compensation mechanisms needed for their successful deployment, and the modeling and planning tools needed to prepare the grid for their incorporation. Attendees will hear from companies working to commercialize LDES technologies, as well as academic, policy, and market experts from across the energy industry. The discussion will offer an overview of some LDES technologies, highlight the challenges facing LDES in today’s marketplace, and explore the market, policy, and regulatory changes needed to unlock long-duration storage’s role in a decarbonized grid.

This workshop will offer 3 CEUs applicable to recertification of NABCEP credentials.



- Director, Business Development & Policy

Strategen Consulting, Inc.

- Senior Manager

LDES Council

- Director, Markets and Technology

University of California Merced

- Professor


- Principal Project Manager

Form Energy

- Senior Director, State Affairs

Energy Vault

- Sr. Sales Manager

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