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Dr. Justin W. Raade

Dr. Justin W. Raade

Dr. Justin Raade has diverse experience in leading multidisciplinary R&D teams and in commercializing innovative energy technologies. Dr. Raade is currently a Principal Project Manager at the Electric Power Research Institute. He is focused on technical and economic assessment of bulk energy storage technologies. His previous work includes technology and business development roles spanning a temperature range from cryogenic liquid air energy storage up to high temperature molten salt thermal energy storage. Dr. Raade was previously with Highview Power where he focused on developing utility scale liquid air energy storage projects in the western U.S. Dr. Raade was previously the CEO and Founder of Halotechnics, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high temperature molten salt energy storage systems. Dr. Raade began his career at Symyx Technologies where he developed breakthrough methodology for rapid synthesis, screening, and characterization of molten salt materials. Dr. Raade received an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship to support his doctoral research in Mechanical Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. His work there focused on applied thermodynamics and energy storage with hybrid systems using fuel cells and lithium polymer batteries. He has an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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