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We strive to host inclusive, accessible events that enable all individuals to engage fully. Please view our FAQ below regarding accessibility and accommodations at the Long Beach Convention Center.

Click the + below to learn more about each FAQ. For additional questions, please email isnainfo@divcom.com.

Are wheelchairs or mobility scooters available to rent? Is there a point of contact for pricing and reservations?

Medical & Safety, Inc. has a wheelchair rental program at the Long Beach Convention Center. Click here for more information.

What are the available parking options for people with disabilities? Is there a point of contact for additional questions?

The LBCC offers 12 ADA parking spaces in the Prom Garage, 17 spaces in the Terrace Garage, 24 spaces in the Open Lot, and 45 spaces in the 400G lot. Attendees’ primary garages are Prom and Terrace; extra ADA spaces can be reserved as needed. For more information, please contact Amy Jordan at ajordan@divcom.com.

What is your policy regarding disability access to the location? Is there a point of contact for additional assistance or questions?

Please click here to view a map which includes all elevator locations throughout the LBCC:

  • Red stars indicate passenger elevators.
  • Blue stars indicate freight elevators that may be utilized under special circumstances.

The LBCC also has ADA compliant ramps in all areas deemed necessary. The main ramps are highlighted with red rectangles on the map.

For any questions or concerns regarding disability information, please call 562-436-3636.

What is your service animal policy? Who can guests contact if they need to verify or approve a service animal for the venue?

The LBCC welcomes service animals and emotional support animals that are certified as service animals. According to the ADA, attendees cannot be requested to provide any documentation to verify their service animal. Attendees may be asked:

  1. Is your dog a service animal required because of a disability?
  2. What work or task has your service animal been trained to perform?

Please note that the handler is responsible for all care and supervising of the service animal in the LBCC which includes toileting. Pets are not allowed.

Do you provide any assistance for those with hearing and visual impairments? Is there someone who can help arrange these services ahead of time?

The LBCC can be set up for ASL translators, human guides, or CART captioning; to request these services, please email ajordan@divcom.com.

Do you have a permanent First Aid office with EMS or Physicians?

The LBCC has a first aid office that will be staffed with an EMT during show hours.

What accommodations do you provide to nursing parents who require privacy while at your facility or hotel?

The LBCC offers a wellness room that is located in the facility lobby. No key is needed for access and the room locks from the inside for privacy.

Have questions—or want to request a service? Please contact us.

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