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Elevating Sustainability

Our Pledge

As a leader in the global expositions and conference industry, Diversified Communications, the organizer of Intersolar & Energy Storage North America, recognizes its responsibility to understand and prioritize actions to reduce the carbon impact of the events it produces.


We are committed to reducing our environmental impact through ongoing efforts to save energy and water, recycle, and purchase environmentally preferable products.

Some of the steps we are taking onsite include removing aisle carpet, forgoing plastic badge holders, limiting printed materials, encouraging use of our mobile app, and more!


Diversified Communications has signed a pledge committing to support the goal of net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050, in line with global efforts set out by the Paris Agreement to limit warming to 1.5°C and reduce total global GHG emissions by 50% by 2030. It has also pledged to actively promote and advocate for industry efforts throughout the value chain.

Attendee Sustainability Requests

While you are attending, here are some ways you can choose to reduce your carbon footprint:

Air Quality / CO2 Impact

  • Carpool or take public transport to/from the airport and to/from your hotel.
  • Take advantage of the free hotel shuttle (if available)… or even better, walk if possible
  • Consider offsetting your travel to/from the event
  • Choose to eat vegetarian or vegan at least one meal per day

Energy Conservation

  • Turn off lights and thermostat when leaving your hotel room
  • If exhibiting, be sure to power down your booth at the end of each show day

Waste Reduction

  • Use a refillable water bottle and coffee cup throughout the event
  • Take only what you need at food functions
  • Download the official event mobile app (in place of a paper map/guide onsite) 
  • Ask for a recycling bag for your hotel room if one isn’t in place

Water Conservation

  • Participate in your hotel’s Linen Re-Use Program by refraining from swapping out hotel linens daily
  • Take shorter showers to save water and time

Exhibitor Sustainability Requests

Going green doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Thinking sustainably can help reduce the environmental impact of exhibiting while helping save your business money. Here are a few eco-friendly trade show ideas and tips for exhibitors:

Reduce Signage Waste

  • Re-evaluate your print needs by considering what information you can send out digitally. This helps vastly reduce paper waste at trade shows. You can also use environmentally conscious local printers to avoid the costs and carbon footprint of shipping.
  • If you must print, create reusable non-dated signs that can be used year after year.
  • Consider using durable cardboard for structural application as opposed to aluminum because it is much more biodegradable. You can also use cotton or bamboo fiber materials instead of vinyl for banners.

Reduce Booth Waste

  • Avoid carpet and bring your own flooring, like puzzle foam flooring that can be reused at all your shows.
  • Break down ALL cardboard boxes and put in the correct recycling bin.
  • Request additional booth bins for recycling and compost collection.
  • Use the stickers provided at the Exhibitor Services desk to mark your materials for recycling or donation.
  • Set a goal to leave no trace behind by shipping out all booth properties and packing materials and donating extra giveaways.
  • Visit one of our 3-bin Waste Stations to compost food, compostable cups and other biodegradable products.

What About the Solar Games?

Equipment used in the Solar Games is donated to nonprofit Twende Solar for use in projects that empower under-resourced communities with renewable energy systems. Equipment from the 2022 Solar Games was donated to the Wogagen School in Ethiopia to help create new opportunities for their community: read more on Solar Power World.

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