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Qcells, SOLARCYCLE Form First-of-its-Kind Solar Panel Recycling Partnership 

Leading residential and commercial clean energy solutions provider Qcells has entered into a partnership with SOLARCYCLE, a tech-based solar recycling company.  

SOLARCYCLE will recycle Qcells’ decommissioned, owned, and installed solar panels, a first-of-its-kind agreement between a solar manufacturer and solar recycler, that will create jobs, promote a circular, clean energy supply chain, and reduce the United States’ reliance on imported, raw materials that tend to lead to project delays. 

Utilizing SOLARCYCLE’s patented technology, aluminum, silver, copper, silicon, and low-iron glass will be extracted from Qcells’ panels and reused to construct new clean energy products. The technology extracts more than 95% of the value in a solar module, which is exponentially higher than the current industry standard of approximately 50%. 

Qcells announced plans in January 2023 to create a sustainable solar supply chain in the U.S., a venture that will cost the company over $2.5 billion. It is forecasted to increase production capacity to 8.4 gigawatts by 2024 and create 4,000 new clean energy jobs. 

“We are proud of the clean energy products we offer, but Qcells is committed to going further than that,” said Kelly Weger, Qcells’ director of sustainability, in a statement. “We want our solar panels to not only help our customers cut costs and carbon but also to be a part of building a more sustainable clean energy industry. Our partnership with SOLARCYCLE will give our panels a life after powering homes, businesses and communities, reducing waste and reusing pieces for all types of technology, including solar.” 

Read the rest of Qcells’ announcement here. 

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