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10 Battery Storage Projects to Strengthen NYC Grid 

Ten battery storage projects under development in New York City by Endurant Energy and intelligent power management company Eaton will support clean, reliable power and strengthen the electric grid in the Bronx and Staten Island. 

The energy storage systems will have a combined capacity exceeding 150 megawatt hours (MWh) and are designed to provide load relief for buildings and the grid during peak demand hours.  

The installations will also help the local utility meet growing demand for electricity across the region without major upgrades to existing electrical substations. 

“These important investments in distributed energy storage will optimize New York’s electrical grid while supporting reliable power for industrial and commercial energy consumers,” said Jason Plane, utility segment manager at Eaton. “We’re confident our industry expertise, pioneering technologies and close collaboration with our customers will help successfully reinvent the way New York City distributes electric energy to support a more sustainable and resilient future.”   

In addition to helping design the energy storage systems, Eaton is providing power system studies and equipment including switchgear, switchboards and transformers to facilitate safe interconnection with the electric grid. 

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