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NEC, PV, Energy Storage and Interconnections | FULL-DAY WORKSHOP

Jan 16 2024

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM PT

Room 33 AB

Additional registration required ($) for workshops held on Tuesday January 16th.

This year the workshop will begin with interconnections and all the magical ways we can push electrons around from different sources, according to Article 705 Interconnected Power Production Systems.

This includes, microgrids, source connections to a service, load-side source connections and energy management systems, which will lead us to the future, including Article 625 EV Power Transfer Systems (bidirectional EV charging) and Virtual Power Plants (VPP).

Article 690 PV Systems will celebrate its 40th anniversary since it was first published in 1984. We will celebrate in Code style and perhaps backfeed the Convention Center from the classroom!

A class like this would not be complete without a deep dive into the lithium-ions and how to best use them according to Article 706 Energy Storage Systems.

Worth 6.5 hours of NABCEP Credit.


HeatSpring / White House Energy

- Solar Energy Professor/Consultant/Author

Brooks Engineering

- Principal

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