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Sean White

Sean White

Sean White has been traveling the world full time teaching solar and energy storage classes for 15 years. Some of the places he has taught include the USA, China, India, Seychelles, Philippines, Mongolia, Africa, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Lebanon, Malaysia and Canada. Besides online training, Sean’s primary focus has been teaching week-long intensive “boot camp” courses to engineers, contractors, businesspeople, executives and others looking to refine their knowledge of solar and energy storage and for some to gain new knowledge in transitioning their old skills to a new renewable economy. Sean has a gift for bringing students together from different backgrounds and different knowledge levels and orchestrating a course where everyone learns more than expected and enjoys the life changing process of becoming solar and energy storage experts.

Sean White has also on a regular basis speaks at conferences, moderates panels and teaches workshops on codes and standards. He participates in the PV Industry Forum, which is an organization that comes up with new material for the National Electrical Code every 3 years.

In 2014 Sean White was the proud recipient of the IREC Renewable Energy Trainer of the Year Award and is an IREC Certified Master Trainer. Sean was awarded the 2019 Global Green University Online Trainer of the Year Award, the 2019 APVIA Academic Contribution to Solar Energy Award in Shanghai and the 2011 Mike Holt 1st place instructor award. In 2020 Sean was awarded the SNEC (China) Online Trainer of the Decade Award.

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