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Gravity, America’s Fastest EV Charging Station, Now Open for Business 

EV charging infrastructure startup Gravity Inc. has opened its flagship public charging center in Midtown Manhattan, complete with 24 500kW chargers. 

Gravity’s chargers are the fastest in the U.S. They are capable of charging at a rate of 2,400 miles per hour – or 200 miles of range – in just five minutes. 

The company unveiled its state-of-the-art charging system at an indoor parking garage on West 42nd Street and was joined by NYSERDA, Con Edison, Related Companies, Congressman Jerrold Nadler, and City officials.  

Gravity’s uniquely designed chargers are mounted on the ceiling above existing parking spots, eliminating the need to make room for additional space. Because there were zero utility upgrades made to the building or the grid, the startup believes this type of installation can be easily replicated across parking sites throughout the country. 

“Automakers love to tout their EVs’ top driving speed, but what matters more than anything for drivers is how fast a car can charge. Our technology that can provide a car with 40 miles of range in just a minute of charging. With these speeds, we can push the entire industry to vehicles with faster-charging batteries,” said Moshe Cohen, CEO of Gravity Inc., in a statement. 

The company seeks to provide a customer experience that is more convenient and affordable than a trip to the gas station. Aside from lightning-fast charging speeds, Gravity offers on-site attendants seven days a week, user-friendly plug-in and charge for all EV types, tap-and-go payment for on-demand charging, and more.  

Gravity is certified by UL Solutions and backed by Google Ventures. 

For more information, check out the press release here. 

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