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EV Drivers Seeking the ‘Gas Station Experience’ When Charging On the Go 

A recent AutoPacific EV Consumer Insights Study has found that EV drivers are unsatisfied with the current public EV charging experience – most notably due to the lack of amenities – and would like the trip to the chargers to more closely resemble a stop at a traditional gas station. 

In addition to requesting basic amenities like well-lit areas and roofing, customers reported they’d like to see clear charging speed and pricing signage, windshield cleaners, air pumps, and vacuums while utilizing public EV chargers. 

According to SFGATE, the study polled over 7,200 prospective EV buyers about their motivations and concerns when it comes to buying an EV, as well as opinions on the public charging experience. 

Many factors unrelated to the vehicles themselves influence the future of EVs in the U.S. Providing drivers with things they want – and need – at public charging stations is critical for widespread EV adoption. 

“Allowing EV owners to have a public charging experience similar to what they’re used to with traditional fueling is certainly beneficial to increasing EV acceptance,” said AutoPacific President and Chief Analyst Ed Kim.

Check out the rest of this story here. 

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