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Articles & Insights

Explore emerging trends in solar, energy storage, and EV charging infrastructure through articles and insights by experts from Intersolar North America & Energy Storage North America, trade publications, and industry associations.

The Grid Solution Under Your EV’s Hood

It may not be immediately apparent when you look around, but a remarkable transition is taking place on America’s roadways. Internal combustion engine vehicles—once a prized status symbol—are increasingly conceding the fast lane to zero-emission electric alternatives.

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The Rise of the Battery Belt

More than $90 billion in battery technology investments have been announced nationwide in 2023, spurring an estimated 70,000 jobs and breathing new life into US industry. These state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are forming what has come to be known as the “Battery Belt.”

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Interview: Ravi Manghani, Wood Mackenzie

We sat down with Ravi Manghani, head of solar research at Wood Mackenzie to discuss emerging technologies in solar-plus-storage, regional programs accelerating solar-plus-storage adoption, the effects of increased renewables penetration on grid infrastructure and more.

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Interview: James Greenberger, NAATBatt International (Part Two)

James Greenberger, Executive Director of NAATBatt International, offers advice to energy storage startups and describes the key for unlocking mainstream solar-plus-storage. Read part two of our two-part interview with James to get his advice for energy storage startups and understand the key for unlocking mainstream solar-plus-storage.

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2019 Market Trends

The Intersolar North America team is watching the evolution of the solar, energy storage, and e-mobility industries closely in order to develop a compelling, relevant, and actionable conference experience. In preparation for #isna2020, we took a look at the top trends shaping each of these markets, including policy implications, pricing patterns, emerging technologies, and more.

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