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Explore emerging trends in solar, energy storage, and e-mobility business and technology through articles and insights by experts from Intersolar North America, trade publications, and industry associations.

Utilities and EVs at the ‘Inflection Point’

Published August 2022

Produced in partnership with Utility Dive, this playbook presents insights from EV and utility industry experts regarding four near- and mid-term trends shaping the emergence of electric vehicles in the U.S. and abroad.

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The Coming Integration of Solar, Storage, and EV Charging

Published August 2022

Produced in partnership with Canary Media, this white paper explores the massive opportunity—and challenges—of solar, storage, and electric vehicle integration at scale.

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Solar + Energy Storage + e-Mobility: Betting on the New Energy Trifecta

Updated /14/2020 with the COVID-19 Reset

Produced in partnership with Intersolar North America, this special report by Wood Mackenzie takes a detailed look at the past and projected performance of the solar, energy storage, and e-Mobility markets—and at the opportunities this new energy trifecta may bring.

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At a crossroads: The connected future of EVs, solar, energy storage and software

This article was originally published on Utility Dive | 01/31/2020

Explore how cross-sector partnership is increasing as the EV market expands and challenges a static electric grid—and drives the industry forward to a clean, connected future in this article by Intersolar North America’s Wes Doane and SolarEdge’s Lior Handelsman.

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Interview: Ravi Manghani, Wood Mackenzie


We sat down with Ravi Manghani, head of solar research at Wood Mackenzie to discuss emerging technologies in solar-plus-storage, regional programs accelerating solar-plus-storage adoption, the effects of increased renewables penetration on grid infrastructure and more.

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State Policy and Its Effect on Growth in the Solar and Energy Storage Industries


Explore the nationwide growth of solar and energy storage, examining the policy of seven states with high solar penetration—California, Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, and Texas.

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Interview: James Greenberger, NAATBatt International (Part Two)


James Greenberger, Executive Director of NAATBatt International, offers advice to energy storage startups and describes the key for unlocking mainstream solar-plus-storage.

Read part two of our two-part interview with James to get his advice for energy storage startups and understand the key for unlocking mainstream solar-plus-storage.

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2019 Market Trends 


The Intersolar North America team is watching the evolution of the solar, energy storage, and e-mobility industries closely in order to develop a compelling, relevant, and actionable conference experience. In preparation for #isna2020, we took a look at the top trends shaping each of these markets, including policy implications, pricing patterns, emerging technologies, and more.

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Interview: James Greenberger, NAATBatt International (Part One)


James Greenberger, Executive Director of NAATBatt International, explains the top trends he’s watching in the energy storage industry—from the plummeting cost of lithium-ion batteries to the realities of solar-plus-storage development.

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Interview: Kristen Graf, Women of Renewable Industries and Sustainable Energy


Intersolar North America sat down with Kristen Graf, Executive Director at Women of Renewable Industries and Sustainable Energy (WRISE), to discuss diversity in today’s renewable energy industry. Though there hasn’t yet been a dramatic increase in women in the workforce, Kristen explains how the current shift in conversation around diversity has made her more optimistic now than ever.

  • Learn why WRISE is breaking down the concept of a “glass ceiling”
  • Explore the role of top trade shows in diversifying the industry workforce
  • Hear Kristen’s #1 tip for women looking to enter the renewable energy industry

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The new Intersolar North America event organizer explains how he sees the future of solar

Originally Published on Solar Power World | 10/07/2019

The solar industry is growing up — especially here in North America. The United States has now achieved more than two million solar installations, and Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables projects that number will double by 2023. As the solar and energy storage markets continue to mature, it’s important for the industry’s top events to follow key trends and grow with it.

In March of this year, Diversified Communications, a global producer of major business-to-business trade shows, acquired Intersolar North America (ISNA) to enter the ever-growing solar and energy storage markets. ISNA’s strong reputation and commitment to renewable energy was a natural fit with Diversified Communications’ enthusiasm for solar (demonstrated by its 1.5-MW solar farm in Brunswick, Maine).

After eight fast years managing top industry events in automation software and renewables, I’ve observed several key patterns of maturing industries and how their top events keep up. These trends have a lot to tell us about the trajectory of the solar and energy storage industries, as well as the increasingly integrated e-mobility technologies — such as electric vehicles, hydrogen and more — that intersect them.

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