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The new Intersolar North America event organizer explains how he sees the future of solar

Originally Published on Solar Power World | 10/07/2019

The solar industry is growing up — especially here in North America. The United States has now achieved more than two million solar installations, and Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables projects that number will double by 2023. As the solar and energy storage markets continue to mature, it’s important for the industry’s top events to follow key trends and grow with it.

In March of this year, Diversified Communications, a global producer of major business-to-business trade shows, acquired Intersolar North America (ISNA) to enter the ever-growing solar and energy storage markets. ISNA’s strong reputation and commitment to renewable energy was a natural fit with Diversified Communications’ enthusiasm for solar (demonstrated by its 1.5-MW solar farm in Brunswick, Maine).

After eight fast years managing top industry events in automation software and renewables, I’ve observed several key patterns of maturing industries and how their top events keep up. These trends have a lot to tell us about the trajectory of the solar and energy storage industries, as well as the increasingly integrated e-mobility technologies — such as electric vehicles, hydrogen and more — that intersect them.

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