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Utilities and EVs at the ‘Inflection Point’

Utilities & EVS at the Inflection Point playbook coverThe adoption of electric vehicles continues to rise, representing the biggest challenge—and opportunity—facing the utility industry today. On the one hand, EVs provide a tremendous source of new revenue generation, and the industry must move quickly to enable the construction of a robust charging infrastructure. But on the other hand, EVs also pose a threat to grid stability and decarbonization goals.

This playbook presents insights from EV and utility industry experts regarding four near- and mid-term trends shaping the emergence of electric vehicles in the U.S. and abroad. Learn why today’s market requires faster development of a charging infrastructure as well as the importance of:

  1. New state regulations and mandates
  2. Evolving standards for EV charging
  3. Bidirectional charging capabilities
  4. and more

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