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Energy Storage Augmentation, DC/DC Converters and Modular Inverters

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This webinar was recorded on November 2, 2023.

Many of the first large energy storage projects built just a few years ago are approaching their first energy storage augmentation cycle to maintain site capacity. This webinar will cover an introduction to augmentation approaches, DC/DC converters, and the coming wave of modular inverters that will help solve some of the challenges faced when executing these projects.


Jason Barmann
Director of Grid Integration, EPC Power

Jason is the Director of Grid Integration at EPC Power, a US-based manufacturer of inverters and power conversion equipment. He works as a bridge between EPC’s sales and engineering teams to the outside world of independent engineers, utility personnel and other key stakeholders to allow for further penetration of markets and clients for EPC Power. His background is in engineering and consulting and has worked on over 50GWh of energy storage projects ranging from development through project execution and commissioning.

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