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Energy Storage as Grid Assets: Expanding Transmission Capacity to Accelerate Renewable Growth

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This webinar was recorded on August 1, 2023.

This presentation will examine Germany’s Gridbooster concept – using energy storage to provide contingency backup for the transmission grid, thus expanding the transfer capacity of existing and new transmission lines – and explore how this concept can be applied in different regulatory structures like nodal energy and vertically integrated markets.

This Presentation Will:
  • Provide a deep dive into the Gridbooster concept
  • Offer guidance on how to utilize its core concepts in differing regulatory structures
  • Examine how these assets can stack multiple value streams without compromising system security, while providing high economic value to both the grid and end users
Who Should Attend This Webinar?
  • Thought leaders in the renewable energy sector
  • Utility-scale renewable energy providers and DERs
  • Electric utilities, local distribution companies (LDCs) and other load-serving entities (LSEs)
  • Independent power producers (IPPs)
  • Large energy end-users/industries


Gabriel Murtaugh, CAISO

Gabe is the Storage Sector Manager at the California ISO and focuses on strategy for grid evolution as the California energy market moves toward reduced greenhouse gas emission objectives. Gabe oversees the development of storage modeling, as well as the development of tools made available to operators managing storage resources on the California grid in real-time.

Gabe has over 10 years of experience developing ISO market policy and performing ISO market monitoring services. Gabe holds a master’s degree in economics and an undergraduate degree in computer science and engineering.

Jillian Burgoyne, Fluence

Jillian Burgoyne works as the Americas Director of Growth at Fluence, where she focuses on identifying and sizing new and emerging opportunities for energy storage. She has nearly a decade’s experience in the energy industry, including in large thermal generation manufacturing and engineering, and utility scale battery energy storage. When she’s not interpreting market developments and modeling customer business cases, you can find her mountain biking, reading, or crafting.

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