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William Walsh

William Walsh

William Walsh is vice president of the Energy Procurement & Management organization at SCE. William is responsible for SCE’s wholesale energy contracting and management, energy and emissions trading, and wholesale energy market and settlement operations.

Previously, William was an Assistant General Counsel in the SCE Law Department. His groups were responsible for cybersecurity, litigating the company’s positions before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and all transactional work related to SCE’s energy procurement, interconnection agreements, and supply management activities.

William has held other legal management positions, including serving as the Director and Managing Attorney for the Resource Policy and Planning group, Power Procurement group, and Contracts and Intellectual Property group.

William has also served as the Manager of Renewable Procurement and was responsible for leading a team of originators in the procurement of all of SCE’s renewable power through competitive solicitations, bilateral opportunities, and standard renewable procurement programs.

William obtained his law degree from The George Washington Law School and a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Los Angeles.

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