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Josh Brumm

Josh Brumm

Josh Brumm has an enthusiastic passion for energy storage and has become one of the industry’s top thought leaders and advocates. He started his journey in the industry in 2006 and has gained a great wealth of knowledge throughout the years by collaborating with experts including manufacturers, colleagues, and customers. Josh has a proven track record of leading sales teams to accomplish goals and achieve success in energy storage sales by educating and coaching. He currently serves as the Energy Storage Manager at Soligent.

Josh is also passionate about using his voice, literally. He started in radio in 1996 as a professional broadcaster. Since then he has been on the air for many different stations as a radio personality. More recently he was on Power Talk 96.7 FM in Fresno, CA as host of the All Things Energy Storage Show radio show and podcast. Currently he hosts Beyond Emissions a podcast in which he speaks to energy storage experts about how we can create a world that is Beyond Emissions.


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