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David Streitfeld

David Streitfeld

David Streitfeld is a seasoned leader with over 12 years in the renewable energy, energy management, and enterprise SaaS sectors, currently serving as the Vice President of Business Development at Smappee. His robust background in strategic planning, consultative selling, and team leadership has been instrumental in shaping the North American sales and marketing strategies for Smappee, particularly in their cutting-edge product launches in smart energy solutions.

At Smappee, David has excelled in establishing strategic partnerships and building strong relationships with C-suite executives, significantly enhancing the company’s market presence and influence in the energy management sector.

Before joining Smappee, David held key roles in several high-profile companies within the renewable energy sector. As the Vice President of Sales at Solcius, he led his team to double their solar installation results. At CURB, as Senior Director of Business Development, he was a pioneer in introducing energy management solutions in the solar industry, foreseeing the increasing demand for EV charging, batteries, and the overall push towards electrification. His experience also includes a significant role at SolarCity, where as a part of the middle management team, he contributed to key initiatives and strategies during the company’s period of rapid growth and expansion.

As a dynamic speaker, David brings a wealth of knowledge and practical insights. His session “Smart EV Charging: A Client’s Journey with Intelligent Energy Management” will dive into the vital role of intelligent energy management in EV charging, drawing from real-world scenarios and case studies that highlight Smappee’s innovative approach in both residential and commercial settings.

David holds an MBA from California State University, Northridge, and a BS in Regional Development from the University of Arizona. His proven track record in business development, C-suite relationship building, and strategic foresight make him a valuable contributor to discussions on future energy solutions.

Join David at the upcoming solar industry event for a compelling and insightful session on the evolving world of smart EV charging and energy management.


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