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Unlocking Potential: The Critical Role of Early-Stage Financing in Driving Commercial Solar Project Success

Jan 18 2024

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM PT

Developing solar projects is a long, capital-intensive process. Early-stage financing is critical for commercial developers to wade through the layers of operational and regulatory complexities. Harry Benson, Director of Business Development, Standard Solar, (#2 US commercial solar installer by WoodMac), will delve into the crucial aspects of securing early-stage financing, co-development, pre-NTP funding that empowers commercial solar developers to navigate the complexities of project development, including:

  • Finding the right financing partner
  • Top financing challenges- development capital, optionality
  • Balancing dev fee with development capital
  • Co development
  • Steps to project financing success

This session will deepen attendees’ knowledge of the critical role early-stage financing plays in driving commercial solar project success. They will also learn how to acquire financing at the initial stages of solar development, as well as how to manage those relationships.


Standard Solar

- Director of Business Development

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