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The Innovation Imperative: Unlocking the Full Financial Value of DERs

Jan 18 2024

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM PT

Room 31

Distributed Energy Resource (DER) owners, developers, and the host sites they serve are faced with mounting pressures, including fluctuating electric costs, uncertain economic conditions, power disruptions, and net-zero climate policies. DERs can counter these challenges and accelerate the clean energy transition, but only with innovation that unlocks projects’ full financial potential.

This presentation will evaluate optimization approaches in the industry, looking ahead to showcase how businesses are leveraging and scheduling their energy assets, how they can support their community’s resilience and economic activity, and how these approaches can unleash the full potential of DERs in the clean energy future.

The audience will learn how to identify and ensure project financial models include available and obtainable value streams, correctly size DER assets based on available value streams and market rules within different energy markets, manage DER asset project model forecasts for accuracy and achievable results, and more.



- Director of Strategy and Business Development

Strategy, CPower

- Vice President

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