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Second-Life EV Batteries: Opportunities and Challenges

Jan 18 2024

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM PT

Room 29 BCD

Across the U.S., decarbonization is spurring mass adoption of electric vehicles and renewable generation. To deal with these new loads and new sources of intermittent generation, the U.S. energy grid will need a vast amount of grid-scale storage.

Repurposing second-life (used) EV batteries as grid-scale storage solves both this problem, and the problem of EV battery recycling. By intercepting EV batteries before they are recycled, their useful life (and use of resources, and cost per kilowatt-hour) is significantly improved. This talk will discuss the opportunities and challenges of this approach, including sourcing, interfacing, regulatory, and use.


Moment Energy

- Co-founder & Chief Product Officer

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