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EVs as Grid Storage Resource /V2X Interconnection

Jan 01 1970

12:00 AM - 12:00 AM PT

As the grid becomes more electrified, electric vehicles will have a role to play in storing and releasing excess energy to the grid. We have already seen the use of time-of-use rates for EV charging to help shave demand peaks on the grid, but how else can we utilize EVs for the grid of the future. This panel will discuss the existing policy and technical landscape around EVs as a storage resource before delving into how we can better utilize EVs as a way to handle additional demands on the grid, addressing:

–How Vehicle-Grid Integration (VGI) is increasingly being recognized for the huge value proposition and range of potential benefits it can offer
–Opportunities for VGI within the federal infrastructure bill and Inflation Reduction Act, and key action items needed to continue advancing VGI
– The VGI value proposition for enhancing grid reliability services, electrifying transportation and the grid, and other value stream opportunities for consumers, EV operators, utilities, and society at large
— The current landscape of VGI in a variety of regional and state jurisdictions, highlighting where VGI advancements and progress is being made, and evaluating key considerations related to interconnection, rate design , and wholesale market reforms
–Status of V2X Interconnection policies and practices across the country

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