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WORKSHOP: Community Solar Design Fundamentals: Achieving Successful Programs Through Optimal Program Design

Jan 01 1970

12:00 AM - 12:00 AM PT

*Pre-Registration Required

Community solar (CS) is a proven approach that is gaining popularity in cities and counties across the country as a way to promote equitable solar deployment while also helping municipalities achieve decarbonization goals. However, as an increasing volume of CS programs proliferate state and local markets, the success rates of different programs have varied, with even the most well-intentioned programs sometimes struggling to achieve basic desired outcomes.

This workshop will educate attendees on the fundamentals of community solar (CS) program design to then prepare them for an evaluation of the community solar market landscape today. There will be a focus on identifying key elements of successful CS program design. Attendees will be supported to think critically in reviewing the successes and/or challenges of different programs, and identify how their outcomes correspond to specific program design elements and characteristics of the regulatory/legislative environment.

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