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Beyond the Meter: How Fortune 50 Companies Measure Solar Health   

Jan 18 2024

1:15 PM - 2:15 PM PT

Room 31

Presented by James Nagel (HelioVolta), Stephen Branscum (Walmart) and Rogér Balyon (Amazon).

America’s top brands are forging new frameworks for O&M and digital asset management as they strive toward groundbreaking sustainability goals. Learn how today’s corporate sustainability leaders care for their solar assets through an in-depth session with Rogér Balyon of Amazon, Stephen Branscum of Walmart, and James Nagel of HelioVolta, a solar and storage technical advisory that supports renewable energy offtakers and asset owners. Their discussion will highlight the limits of metered energy/SCADA data and break down common O&M expectations. The speakers will also share in-field data acquisition tactics and dataset harmonization strategies for holistic evaluations of PV fleet health.    

Attendees will learn why SCADA data provides an incomplete understanding of PV fleet health and how to gather key safety and reliability metrics during routine O&M. They will leave the session with a new perspective on holistic digital asset management that leverages multiple diverse data streams.



- PE Co-founder and Senior Engineer


- Sr. Technical Program Manager, Solar


- Sr. Project Manager – Renewables & Energy Efficiency

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