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An Electrifying Experience: Participants Get Charged Up for 2024 Solar Games

“There’s no other event in the industry like the Solar Games! It’s a challenging and rewarding experience that gives installers the chance to test their skills against other companies across the US.”
– Gabe von Wellsheim, Owner, Aloha Solar Power
2023 Solar Games Champions

Introduced in 2020, the Solar Games generates excitement year after year as 4-person teams compete for a share of the $16,000 prize money and title of Solar Games Champion.

The timed competition features multiple rounds during which teams are tasked with installing solar modules, racking, inverters, and battery storage to build onand off-grid residential solar and storage systems, with all materials generously donated by sponsors. The custom-built arena consists of two roofs, placed side by side; the back edge of the asphalt-shingled roofs is 48 inches off the ground, built at a 12.6-degree pitch. There is a designated ladder entry point, which is the only place where equipment and installers are allowed to access the roof. In an effort to simulate a real-life installation, organizers include various obstacles in progressively difficult rounds that challenge even the most experienced installers.

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