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EVgo’s Autocharge+ Feature Can Now Accommodate Over 50 EV Models 

Fast EV charging network EVgo announced that over 50 EV models are now able to utilize its Plug & Charge feature, known as Autocharge+. 

Autocharge+ allows drivers to skip the time required to access the app, credit card, or RFID and simply plug in to begin charging their EV. 

The service was launched in September 2022 and has continuously evolved to accommodate more models, including GM-brand EVs. Since then, the percentage of charging sessions using Autocharge+ almost doubled, making up about 17% of its total charging sessions in Q4 2023. 

Autocharge+ contributes to EVgo’s “One & Done” success rate, which is a measure of a driver’s ability to successfully initiate a charging session on their first try, by combining payment and session initiation methods into one simple step. 

“The key to achieving widespread EV adoption in the US is giving EV drivers a convenient, streamlined charging experience, and Autocharge+ does just that. Through our collaboration with automakers and ongoing interoperability testing with new and existing EV models, EVgo continues to enhance the customer experience across the network for everyone – no matter which EV model they choose to drive,” said EVgo’s SVP of Charging, Stacey Stewart, in a statement.  

The full list of compatible EVs can be found here. 

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