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Digital Edge and Donghwa ES Develop New Energy Storage Technology to Replace Li-ion Batteries

Digital Edge, an APAC data center operator, has partnered with South Korean energy storage company Donghwa ES to develop a new type of power supply to replace lithium-ion batteries at its data centers. 

The technology, dubbed the Hybrid Super Capacitor (HSC), was first revealed in the company’s 2024 ESG report and officially announced this week.  

“At Digital Edge we seek to be more than simply a data center operator, but to be a leader that continues to innovate and set new standards that will elevate the entire industry,” said Jay Park, chief construction and development officer at Digital Edge, in a statement. 

HSC technology utilizes a hybrid energy storage method that combines activated carbon from an electric double layer capacitor with carbon from a lithium-ion battery to produce a solution that reduces the deterioration of the negative electrode. 

The capacitors have been created to withstand higher temperatures than traditional batteries, potentially as high as 65°C (149°F), eliminating the need to cool down. According to Digital Edge, the HSCs are well suited to support energy-intensive AI and high-power density deployments that require complex liquid cooling. 

“With its significant decrease in fire risk, 100,000+ discharge/charge cycles capability, minimal maintenance, wider operating temperature range, ability to recharge in minutes vs. hours, and 2.5x longer lifespan, HSC is a viable and safer option to traditional lithium-ion batteries,” the company said in its ESG report. 

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