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Battery Recycling Company Green Li-ion Opens First US Commercial-Scale Plant

Lithium-ion battery recycling technology company Green Li-ion announced the launch of its first commercial-scale plant to provide sustainable, battery-grade cathode and anode materials from concentrated components of spent batteries. 

The process relies on Green Li-ion’s patented multi-cathode-producing Green-hydrorejuvenation™ technology. 

The industry’s current recycling process involves sorting and shredding batteries, which are then processed into “black mass” and further into sulfates. The material is then shipped overseas most often to China and South Korea for additional processing.  

Green-hydrorejuvenation™ technology closes the recycling loop by directly converting recycling scrap into battery-grade precursor cathode active material (pCAM) without needing to export it for further processing, thereby reducing production time, yielding pCAM in about 12 hours. 

The process also emits up to 90 percent fewer GHG emissions than virgin materials processing. 

“Green Li-ion’s installation closes a critical gap in the North American battery recycling supply chain,” said Leon Farrant, CEO and Co-Founder of Green Li-ion, in a statement. “Electrification will require manufacturers to exert greater control over their critical mineral supplies. We aim to show American companies the benefits of a customizable and fully vertically integrated battery recycling solution when operating as part of an existing manufacturing process.” 

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