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Trina Storage Releases New, Safety-Focused ESS, the Elementa 2

Trina Storage, the battery division of leading solar panel manufacturer Trina Solar, has released the Elementa 2, an advanced, flexible, highefficiency energy storage system (ESS). 

It has a total battery capacity of 4.07MWh and features an upgraded pack design, precise thermal management enabled by smart liquid cooling technology, and a comprehensive fire mitigation and suppression system. It also boasts a 16 percent improvement in energy density.  

Elementa 2 places great emphasis on safety, built with multi-dimensional testing and targeted design to enhance fault detection precision at the cell level. Other protections include early fire hazard detection and systems to mitigate thermal runaway occurrences. 

“Trina Storage Elementa 2 represents a paradigm shift in grid-scale LFP battery systems, meticulously crafted from Trina’s vertically integrated LFP cells. In an evolving energy landscape, proactive adaptation to customer needs is imperative,” said Helena Li, Executive President at Trina Solar, in a statement.

The ESS was designed to be flexible, as evidenced by its modular design. It is suitable for various types of applications and is available in two-hour and four-hour configurations, providing owners with the ability to customize it to their needs. 

Find out more about Trina Storage’s new energy storage solution here. 

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