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Utilities and EVs at the ‘Inflection Point’

Playbook produced in partnership with Utility Dive

Published August 2022

The adoption of electric vehicles continues to rise, representing the biggest challenge—and opportunity—facing the utility industry today. On the one hand, EVs provide a tremendous source of new revenue generation, and the industry must move quickly to enable the construction of a robust charging infrastructure. But on the other hand, EVs also pose a threat to grid stability and decarbonization goals.

This playbook presents insights from EV and utility industry experts regarding four near- and mid-term trends shaping the emergence of electric vehicles in the U.S. and abroad. Learn why today’s market requires faster development of a charging infrastructure as well as the importance of:

  1. New state regulations and mandates
  2. Evolving standards for EV charging
  3. Bidirectional charging capabilities
  4. and more

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