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Lindsay Gorrill

Lindsay Gorrill

For over 30 years, Lindsay Gorrill has been a noteworthy leader in developing companies globally. In 2018, Mr. Gorrill grew KORE Power, Inc. from an idea into the first U.S.-based, American-owned, and fully integrated provider of cells, batteries, and solutions for the clean energy industry. Mr. Gorrill brings a unique perspective to the electric vehicle and energy storage industry through his extensive knowledge and background in the battery supply chain. Mr. Gorrill developed the plant and mining operations for the construction of a $140 million greenfield plant in St. Lawrence, Newfoundland. He completed the construction and commissioning of Canada Fluorspar, Inc., the second largest fluorspar mine in the world. Fluorspar is a direct input into lithium-ion batteries, and this experience has given Mr. Gorrill in-depth knowledge into the components necessary to produce lithium-ion batteries. His expansive knowledge extends from mining of critical components to processing and manufacturing battery cells. Mr. Gorrill’s vision with KORE Power is to establish the first nexus for clean energy’s future supply chain concentration through the Sustainable Valley. The Sustainable Valley is a concept that Mr. Gorrill believes is critical as we expand Gigafactories across the U.S. and build a truly domestic supply chain for clean energy. Mr. Gorrill understands the value of cultivating strong partnerships globally, enabling us to reach our climate change goals and objectives while building more resilient U.S. infrastructure. Mr. Gorrill has secured over $300 million in capital raises for the companies he has built. Mr. Gorrill holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Simon Frasier University and is a Chartered Accountant


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