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Hans Eric Melin

Hans Eric Melin

New business models for second life batteries - Circular Energy Storage Research and Consulting


Hans Eric Melin is the managing director of Circular Energy Storage, a London-based consultancy focused on life cycle management of lithium-ion batteries. In his role he advises car makers, battery manufacturers, energy companies and recyclers on the current and future development of end-of-life battery management, as well as by governments and industry organisations.

Hans Eric is the head author of the company’s reports on the lithium-ion battery end-of-life market which cover the global market for recycling, second life of consumer, EV and industrial batteries.

Prior to starting Circular Energy Storage Hans Eric was Vice President New Markets at the largest battery collector in the United States, Battery Solutions, where he worked with the expansion into reuse and second life. Before that he was the CEO of Refind Technologies which is the leading company for intelligent sorting systems for waste batteries and used electronics.

Hans Eric is frequently quoted in leading media such as Bloomberg, New York Times, Greentech Media and Recycling International

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Second Life Batteries and Recycling

05 Feb 2020
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