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Bennett Chabot

Manager - Remote Grid Initiative

Bennett Chabot

Manager - Pacific Gas & Electric Company


Bennett Chabot serves as a Manager in the Grid Innovation team at Pacific Gas & Electric Company. Bennett leads PG&E’s Remote Grid program to deploy Standalone Power Systems, working to rapidly refine and scale remote grids as a means to reduce wildfire risk and improve service to rural electric customers in Northern California.

Bennett has served in product and project management roles at PG&E since 2013, including as Senior Interconnection Manager for new generation projects ranging from multi-technology residences to 100 MW transmission scale PV and energy storage facilities. On the Grid Innovation team, Bennett has led R&D on synthetic inertia in collaboration with NREL, spearheaded a 20 MW energy storage RFP, and facilitated field trials of cutting edge Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMS) and Smart Inverter deployments to shape PG&E’s product road map for grid edge technology. Prior to PG&E, Bennett was a lead engineer on capital projects for a biofuel company acquired by BP, as well as a Visiting Designer at Olin College of Engineering for an undergraduate capstone course titled Affordable Design and Engineering, addressing poverty through the user-centered design of product ventures.

Bennett holds a B.S. in Engineering with a concentration in Systems from Olin College. He is also a 2021 Fellow of the Clean Energy Leadership Institute.

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