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Technological Advancements of Tracker Technologies

05 Feb 2020
8:30 am - 9:45 am
Room 9
Colin Caufield

Soltec America LLC

Paula Mints

Solar PV Market Research

Wesley Fuller


Trackers offer substantial benefits most notably because they can generate more electricity than their stationary counterparts due to increased direct exposure to solar rays. Depending on the geographical location, this increase can be as much as 10 to 25%. In certain states, some utilities offer Time of Use (TOU) rate plans for solar power, which means the utility will purchase the power generated during the peak time of the day at a higher rate. In this case, it is beneficial to generate a greater amount of electricity during these peak times of the day. Advancements in technology, reliability in electronics and mechanics have drastically reduced long-term maintenance concerns for tracking systems as well. This session will feature the latest developments from an innovation, technological, business, as well as operation and maintenance perspective.

Bifacial Trackers: The Real Deal | Presented by: Colin Caufield
Maximizing PV System Energy Yield and Performance with Single-Axis Trackers | Presented by: Venkata Abbaraju
Getting more out of the sun, Trackers dominate US Utility Scale Deployment | Presented by: Paula Mints
Lowering the Cost of Installation and Ownership in Utility-Scale Solar | Presented by: Wesley Fuller

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