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Status and Prospects for Energy Storage by Non-Lithium-Ion Batteries

05 Feb 2020
1:00 pm - 2:15 pm
Room 10
Fabio Albano


Paul Wiener

GaN Systems

Jeff Myles

Surrette Battery Company Limited

North-America’s stationary energy market is overwhelmingly dominated by lithium-ion batteries enjoying a market share of approximately 95%. However, many stationary energy storage applications, particularly long duration applications, other storage technologies like flow batteries are more suitable. Therefore, the question is whether there is room for other battery technologies today and in future? This session will feature technological advancements of non-Lithium-Ion batteries.

Beyond Lithium-ion: The Next Great Leaps in Lithium and Non-Lithium-Based Battery Technology | Presented by: Dr. Fabio Albano
Economics and the Challenge of Renewable Energy Storage – A Small Change that Can Revolutionize the Industry | Presented by: Paul Wiener
Traditional Flooded & Sealed Deep Cycle Lead-Acid Batteries for Off-Grid & Backup Applications | Presented by: Jeff Myles

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