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Role of Non-Wires Solutions in Distributed Energy Resources (DER)

04 Feb 2020
3:00 pm - 4:15 pm
Room 3
Wendell Cathcart

Energy Web Foundation

Patrick Lee

PXiSE Energy Solutions

Dr. Andrew Skumanich

SolarVision Co.

Traditionally, when a transmission or distribution system operator needed to upgrade or replace infrastructure due to aging equipment or increased load demand, it would simply conduct poles and wires projects. However, grid management and distributed energy resources (DER) technologies have improved, utilities are looking to engage customers more, and policy concerns related to cost and the environment have grown. In reaction, more creative solutions are being explored to address infrastructure needs at a lower cost with greater customer and environmental benefits. These types of projects are known as non-wires alternatives (NWAs). Today, it appears that NWAs are ready to become a bigger piece of the transmission and distribution (T&D) investment picture based on advancements in DER technology and utility willingness to try new means of infrastructure replacement. Global NWA spending is expected to grow from $63 million in 2017 to $580 million in 2026. This session will dive deep into this coming trend.

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