January 12 - 14, 2021 | Long Beach, CA

How Solar Monitoring Software Can Save Contractors Money

05 Feb 2020
2:30 pm - 3:00 pm
Innovation & Application Theater | 1200 Aisle
Leroy Coffman

Solar Data Pros, Inc.

Presented By: Solar Data Pros

This session will present the Know-True-Up monitoring software, a tool for helping solar owners anticipate and minimize their annual true-up bill with PG&E, SoCal Edison, and SDG&E. Through data connections with each utility, as well as Solaredge and Enphase inverters, the software can identify under-production or over-consumption issues that will lead to a larger than expected true-up. The program requires no hardware installation, and is a purely software-based solution. This session will explain the benefits to contractors of residential solar monitoring, and the ways in which monitoring software can save a contractor money, reduce unnecessary truck rolls, increase customer referrals, and help them better service their solar systems under warranty.

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