Flagship Event: February 25-27, 2025 • San Diego, CA
Regional Event: November 19-20, 2024 • Austin, TX

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WORKSHOP: NABCEP Technical Training |Earn your NABCEP CEUs!

Jan 01 1970

12:00 AM - 12:00 AM PT

NABCEP Registered Training Providers present 4 in-depth workshops on Battery Storage and Energy Management. NABCEP Board Certified Professionals and Associates will advance their professional development and earn CEUs pre-approved to meet NABCEP recertification requirements.


Attending all (4) workshops earns 6 CEU’s

*CEUs are also accepted for NABCEP PVIP Exam Applications as explained in the NABCEP Certification Handbook.


Designing With the SPAN Panel, presented by Span.Io
SPAN redesigned the 100 year old electrical panel to meet the needs of installers and homeowners who want to meet decarbonization goals by utilizing smart technology and energy management. This session will cover many of the core competencies of standard electrical design, while also presenting a roadmap for designers on the functions available in smart panels to help achieve electrification goals as quickly as possible through energy management. NABCEP Job Task Analysis (JTA) domains include electric loads assessment, AHJ and utility criteria, types of electrical services, power requirements of auxiliary systems, ESS sizing and performance calculations, and automated shutdown. The course follows design requirements from the 2020 NEC and is aligned to the core objectives of NABCEP PV Design Specialist and PV Installer Professional Certifications.  Presented by: Chris Fox,SPAN.IO

Lumin Smart Panel Advanced Installation Training, presented by Lumin Smart
Learn about load management, Energy Management Systems, and how to build more capable solar and storage system installations. We will discuss various applications for Lumin technology, code implications, and installation procedures.  Presented by:  Jeff Nicholson, LUMIN SMART

Battery Sizing Beyond Net-Metering: Rethinking Customer Wants and Needs, presented by Fortress Power
Batteries are taking over the solar industry and traditional approaches to both battery and solar design need to be discarded. Engineer, electrician, and Fortress Product Director John Cromer shares insights into battery economics and right-sizing, showcasing how modern design approaches in residential and commercial design result in new “long hanging fruit” ripe for project development. This is not product training!  Presented by: John Cromer Fortress Product Director FORTRESS POWER

Energy Storage – LFP & Traditional Deep Cycle Battery Selection, Sizing, Installation & Programming, presented by Rolls Battery Engineering
This workshop will focus on selection and sizing of battery banks for off-grid & grid-connected systems. Integration and proper setup of Rolls LFP lithium models in new and existing systems, including charge programming adjustments, as well as installation, inspection and programming of charging set points for systems using traditional deep cycle models will be covered in detail.  Presented by:   Steve Higgins Technical Services Manager Rolls Battery Engineering  and
Jeff Myles Marketing Manager & Product Support Rolls Battery Engineering

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