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Long-Duration Energy Storage Using Technology Other Than Electrochemical Batteries

05 Feb 2020
2:45 pm - 4:00 pm
Room 9
Frank Haugwitz

Solar Promotion International GmbH

While lithium-ion battery deployments have ramped up significantly in recent years as costs have decreased, project developers are reluctant to place long-duration, i.e. four hours or more demands on that technology. Lithium-ion batteries have shorter cycle lives than alternative long-duration solutions, making them uneconomical over the long-term when exercised deeply and frequently. This session will therefore look into non-electrochemical batteries designed for long duration energy storage like e.g. pumped hydropower, liquid air energy storage, or compressed air among others.

Moderated by: Frank Haugwitz
Beating the Heat with Thermal Energy Storage | Presented by: Marcel Christians
Storing Solar-PV Using Thermal Batteries for Small-scale Electricity Users: A Case of Study for Industrial Clients in California with Azelio’s Technology | Presented by: Dr. Rafael Guédez
Optimizing Microgrids with Long-Duration Energy Storage | Presented by: William R. Sproull

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