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BOS – Backbone and Pacemaker of PV Power Plants Featuring Unlimited Versatilities

05 Feb 2020
10:00 am - 11:15 am
Room 9
Peter Hsiung

Chint Power Systems America Company

Dean Solon

Shoals Technologies Group

As photovoltaic systems grow in size, so too does the significance of the balance of system components (BOS). In this session, presentations will showcase the last innovations in inverter design and discuss the shift from central inverters to multi-string inverters. Given the role of such systems in supplying key utilities with energy, energy storage devices are also of the utmost importance – speakers will also address this aspect, particularly in light of the exponential growth in the capacity of utility-scale plants in recent years.

Moderated by: Rachel LaVoie
Advanced Inverter and DER Standardized Communications for Grid Support Application | Presented by: Scott Picco
String Inverter Systems in Large Scale PV: EBOS Design Optimization and Long Term Values which Impact Project LCOE | Presented by: Peter Hsiung

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