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Beyond Lithium-ion: The Next Great Leaps in Lithium and Non-lithium-based Battery Technology

05 Feb 2020
10:00 am - 11:15 am
Room 10
Joseph X. Adiletta

24M Technologies

Justin Raade

Highview Power

Alex Yu


Omeed Badkoobeh

Yotta Energy

Nowadays, there’s a sense that existing lithium-ion battery technologies are reaching their limitations. Against this background, this session will look into the future of both current lithium-ion and non-lithium-ion based battery technologies. Light will be shed on the anticipated future technological advancements, expected energy density levels, cost reduction potentials, among other aspects.

Opportunity NOW: Market Forces Shift Towards Long Duration Energy Storage | Presented by: Justin Raade
Panel-Level Energy Storage gets it Right where Centralized Units Fall Short | Presented by: Omeed Badkoobeh
Ultra Low-Cost and Safe System Design Enabled by Unique, Thick SemiSolid Electrodes | Presented by: Joseph X. Adiletta
Presented by: Alex Yu

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