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Collaboration for Success: Turn-Key Microgrid Design

04 Feb 2020
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
Energy Storage | 600 Aisle
Neal Bartek

Microgrids For ENGIE Services U.S

Steve Kelley

ENGIE Storage

Presented By: Cleantech San Diego and Engie

Members of Cleantech San Diego often unify to create partnerships that serve customers’ unique and previously unmet needs. This session features the turn-key microgrid solution created by ENGIE, PXiSE, and XENDEE. It discusses the design, simulation, and execution of a microgrid solution specific to a customer’s unique needs and goals including CO2 emission reduction, financial returns, and/or resilient operations. Whether ground up design or augmenting a project with microgrid functionality, this unique microgrid design approach accounts for any existing energy assets, integrates strategic controls for load prioritization, and simulates power flow for risk mitigation and optimized DER performance.

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