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WORKSHOP: 2023 NEC: PV, Energy Storage and Interconnections

Jan 01 1970

12:00 AM - 12:00 AM PT

*Pre-Registration Required

This will be the first conference workshop since the release of the 2023 NEC and Bill and Sean will give you the latest. Sean participates in the first wave of NEC development and Bill takes it all the way to the NFPA, where he is the proverbial electromotive force behind NEC Code Making Panel 4 (the alternative energy panel). Sean and Bill publish a book titled PV and the NEC every 3 years.

Here are some tidbits that will get you excited:

How you can and why you would have a 50kW PV or Energy Storage System (ESS) on a 100A service!
State of UL listed Energy Management Systems (EMS)
Bidirectional EVs and the future potential
Emergency Shutdown for ESS (with rapid shutdown analogies)
UL 3741 PV Hazard Control and new ways to perform rapid shutdown
Article 712 DC microgrids deleted and put into Article 705
PV source circuit can now be called a string (it’s official)

NEC Articles we will cover include 690 PV Systems, 706 Energy Storage Systems, 705 Interconnected Power Production Sources, 625 EV Power Transfer System, 750 Energy Management Systems and more.

Relationship to previous NEC versions: Most of the NEC stays the same and most people will not yet be using the 2023 NEC, so we will compare different NEC versions. This workshop also covers earlier NEC versions. 90% of changes are just organizational and 10% will knock your socks off!

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