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XING Mobility Launches New ‘Industry Disrupting’ Energy Storage Solution

Global immersion cooling battery technology company XING Mobility has launched a new ‘industry disrupting’ energy storage solution, the IMMERSIO™ XE50. 

The XE50, which debuted at The Battery Show Europe 2024, delivers safety and performance for commercial and residential renewable energy applications and can reach up to 1500V.  

The XE50 showcases how XING Mobility’s innovative immersion cooling battery module technology drives ESS performance upgrades. It is the only Taiwanese battery system to pass Europe’s automotive standards as well as a 100,000-kilometer durability test by Japanese automakers.  

The battery’s technology features precise temperature control within 3% and innovative structural design, which extends the battery life by 15% and saves approximately 40% in space and weight.

It has gained recognition in the global EV and energy storage markets due to its rapid cooldown and immediate charging after fast discharge. It is also suitable for Fast Frequency Reserve (FFR), contributing to grid stability and large-scale energy storage applications. 

“We’ve demonstrated that our technology meets the highest standards of safety, performance, and reliability in various applications, particularly in energy storage, through partnerships in Norway and Taiwan,” said Royce YC Hong, Co-founder & CEO of XING Mobility, in a statement. “The launch of the IMMERSIO™ XE50 marks our exciting entry into the global energy storage market, offering substantial advancements in safety and efficiency for energy storage systems. We’re committed to driving the energy transition forward with efficient, sustainable, and reliable immersion cooling solutions.” 

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