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Ford Pro EV Charging Bundle Powers Up Massachusetts Business Fleets

Ford’s commercial division, Ford Pro™, has unveiled its all-new Ford Pro™ Smart Charging Bundle. It will be used to help Massachusetts businesses add EVs to their fleets and reduce their upfront and ongoing charging costs. 

The bundle will provide Ford Pro™ Charging software subscribers enrolled in the Clean Peak Energy Standard (CPS) program with a 48-amp charger for home or worksite charging, or an 80-amp charger for worksite charging.  

The CPS program, established in 2020 by the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources, is the first of its kind in the U.S. It was designed to lower the emissions and costs that come with seasonal periods of peak electricity demand by encouraging the use of renewable energy technologies. 

Ford Pro™ Charging has over 1,000 commercial worksite depots for charging fleet EVs. The software monitors millions of data points each day to constantly improve the EV charging experience for commercial customers. Operating costs are an estimated 48% lower than gas-powered fleets, thanks to fuel savings and reduced maintenance costs.  

Additionally, energy loads are easily managed by leveraging demand response, resulting in further cost savings for businesses, as well as a cleaner grid. 

“Our team is focused on easing the transition to electric for business and government customers,” said Ted Cannis, Ford Pro CEO, in a statement. “Through this program, Ford Pro customers essentially get their own virtual ‘charging manager,’ as we will do the heavy lifting such as providing no-cost charging hardware, managing the charging schedule, avoiding peak rates, and ensuring business EVs are powered up appropriately to get work done.” 

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