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Solahart Industries Pty Ltd

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Solahart Industries Pty Ltd

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Solahart Pty Ltd an Australian Pioneer in manufacturing Solar Water Heaters was first established as a Plumbing and Ironmonger in 1901 then started manufacturing Solar Water Heaters in 1953. Solahart today has Distributors in over 80 countries and is considered one of the largest manufactures of Thermosyphon and Commercial solar water heaters in the World today.
Solahart established a Dealer network in the USA over 40 years ago and with many installations still in operation, we can say we have a proven and reliable product for the US Markets.
Solahart has the capacity to manufacture over 6.5 Million ft2 of Collectors per year in a ISO 14001 production facility focussing on “safety ready” panels in the sizes of 21.5 Ft2 to 28 Ft2 being the ideal size and weight to avoid “Occupational Health and Safety” weight limitations.
Solahart meets all the UL, OG100 and OG300 Approval requirements for the US Market along with CE, EN12975 and EN12976 for the European and Mexican Markets.


  • Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment
  • PV Systems for Residential Buildings
  • Roof-Mounted PV Systems for Commercial and Industrial Applications
  • Engineering and Design
  • Other Renewable Energies (Hydro, Etc.)
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