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Rolls Battery Engineering

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Rolls Battery Engineering

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Chosen by Renewable Energy industry professionals and customers worldwide, Rolls premium deep cycle batteries provide dependable, long-lasting energy storage, offered in a wide range of voltage and capacity options. Used in small to large-scale off-grid, grid-tied and backup power applications, Rolls full range of 2V, 4V, 6V, 8V & 12V models offer dependable, long lasting performance in a variety of capacity options. With a reputation spanning over six decades, Rolls Flooded and Maintenance-Free VRLA AGM-S, AGM-R & GEL deep cycle batteries are known to deliver exceptional cycle life and superior quality.


  • Stand-Alone Systems, Off-Grid Systems
  • Lithium-based Batteries
  • Lead-based Batteries
  • Stationary Applications for Residential, C+I, Grid
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