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PMC Industries (AceClamp)

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PMC Industries (AceClamp)

Company Profile


AceClamp® is a manufacturer of precision-engineered snow retention and solar mounting systems, like our fast-installing rackless Solar Mounting Kits. Today, AceClamp is setting the bar in solar racking with its most recent innovative product called Solar Snap. Solar Snap is an Adaptive Solar Racking System designed to work with any of our SSMR clamps, corrugated brackets, and MCP (Membrane Coated Plate) – making it an ideal solution for almost any roof type. Solar Snap uses our ever-popular, fully-assembled, non-penetrating Ace clamps. Assembly is a breeze, just slide-in pre-assembled components along the rail and secure. Our fully-assembled component groups get you off the roof faster, while our unique, cross-platform system adapts to all roof types creating less inventory to have to maintain.


  • Roof-Mounted PV Systems for Commercial and Industrial Applications
  • PV Systems for Residential Buildings
  • Racking Systems
  • Mounting Systems
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