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Next2Sun Mounting Systems GmbH (Germany)

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Next2Sun Mounting Systems GmbH (Germany)

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Next2Sun developed an entirely new concept for ground-mounted photovoltaic plants using bifacial (double-sided) solar modules that are vertically aligned facing East and West. This leads to a peak in energy generation during mid-morning and in the evening. Moreover, the space of at least 10 meters between the rows enables the use of conventional machinery. Thus, about 90% of the solar park area can still be used for agricultural and ecological purposes.
Generally, the main advantages of the vertical mounting system are:
– No sealing, no overbuilding of floor areas (<1%)
– Simultaneous use of land for energy generation and agricultural or ecological purposes due to row spacing of at least 10 meter
– Specific additional energy yield of approx. 10 – 15 % compared to conventional southern orientated solar power plants
– Better grid compatibility through peak generation in the morning and in the afternoon
– Higher revenues electricity sales per kilowatt hour


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