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Leoch Battery Corporation

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Leoch Battery Corporation

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LEOCH® Battery Corporation is a U.S. subsidiary of LEOCH® International Technology Ltd., one of the fastest growing global battery manufacturers in the world, with an annual gross production value of more than 20 million KVAh per year. Over the past 20 years LEOCH® has developed a comprehensive line of application-specific designs ensuring we have the right battery to meet your Energy Storage needs. From 2V to 12V, the configuration possibilities are endless. Our incomparable range of products include Advanced Lead Carbon, Pure Lead Punched Grid, Lithium (LiFePO4), AGM, GEL Tubular Plate (OPzV) and Flooded Tubular Plate (OPzS). Whether your requirement demands long life, high temperature tolerance, partial-state-of-charge operation or unique footprints – we have the right battery to fit your needs!


  • Lithium-based Batteries
  • Other Battery Technologies
  • Lead-based Batteries
  • Battery Management Systems
  • Battery Chargers
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