The SunPedal Ride

'The SunPedal Ride' is a movement to create awareness about solar energy and to encourage electric mobility as a mode of environment-friendly transportation to ensure sustainability. 'The SunPedal Ride' project was started with an aim to trigger the mindset shift towards the sustainable sources of energy and decrease the dependence on conventional fuels. The project is to involve a solar powered electric bicycle as the 'medium of change' and make impact adventure tours in India and across the world by involving key stakeholders such as corporate organizations, academia and people at large to spread awareness.

India has an ambitious target of 100 GW of installed solar power by 2022. In order to achieve this target, skill development is a key aspect of sustainability. Hence, awareness is the first step to trigger the mindset shift towards skill development as a sustainable source. 'The SunPedal Ride' is a contribution towards achieving this goal.

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